Uncommon Symptoms of Mosquito Bites

Mosquitos are known around the world as pesky insects that cause irritation whenever they manage to bite you. It’s difficult to keep them away, which has resulted in millions upon millions of mosquito bites each year. These bites make skin itchy and swollen, but is there anything else you should know about symptoms of being bitten?

Before getting into more symptoms, let’s discuss what happens when you get bitten by a mosquito.

How Mosquito Bites Work

When you are bitten by a mosquito, it uses its specially-evolved mouthpart, which is known as a proboscis, to suck the blood from your body. As it feeds, it also injects its saliva into the skin, which causes a reaction and leads to bumps forming and itchiness.

The degree of the reaction will vary depending on the individual, as some will have larger swelling or redness while others will only experience mild symptoms. If you experience stronger symptoms, you may consider taking advantage of mosquito control services westlake professionals offer.

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Symptoms of a mosquito bite can include:

·    A bump that appears within a few minutes of getting bitten

·    Itching or reddening at the site of the bump

·    Small blisters

·    Darkened spots on skin that resemble bruising

Individuals that are more likely to have severe reactions to mosquito bites include:

·    Children

·    Adults exposed to a new species of mosquito

·    Individuals with disorders of the immune system

Severe symptoms include:

·    Hives

·    Swelling of the lymph nodes

·    A low-grade fever

·    Large swollen or red area of skin

Keep an eye out for individuals that are more likely to experience severe symptoms while you are outdoors or in a new area. You should also consider ways to reduce mosquito populations on or near your property to reduce the likelihood of being bitten.