How to Choose a Commercial Carpet Cleaner

Commercial carpet cleaning is one of the many services that keep your office space looking its best. A clean, healthy office starts from the floor up. Carpet harbors dirt and germs that can cause allergies and make employees and customers sick. Regular carpet cleaning prevents this risk and adds appeal to the entire office. However, choosing the first commercial carpet cleaner calgary ab around could be a mistake that you later regret. How can you choose the best carpet cleaner for your office space?

License and Insured

Licensed, insured carpet cleaners mean business. You can trust them to provide the services you request without hassles. They’ll never hold you accountable in the event of an accident and they have the skills that ensure proper work. Don’t hire cleaners without a license and insurance.


Carpet cleaners backed by experience seem to perform the job a little better than inexperienced cleaners. Always hire experts that are comfortable cleaning the carpets and who’ve done it plenty of times before. The more experience the contractor brings to the job, the better.


Check out online reviews and use word of mouth sources to help you find a provider with a good reputation. This ensures the company has made many people bore you happy and you can expect the same services.


Request an estimate of costs that can help compare costs with several providers before you hire. Most companies offer free estimates, just make the request. When you compare, getting the best price is simple.

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Professionalism is an essential quality when choosing any contractor to come to your business. They should be prompt, respond to calls/emails, and offer dedicated service and a friendly smile. Always look for professional contractors and never settle for less.